CLIMB is taught exclusively by seasoned clinicians and instructors and includes guest lectures by industry experts on leadership, research, and advanced clinical practice.


Introduction to CLIMB

In this seminar, professionals are actively engaged in a combination of instructor lectures, guest lectures, discussion, and projects

Trends & Issues

Professionals choose a concentration by selecting one of three seminar courses.

Concentration Area

Our instructors guide the professional through the design and implementation of an advanced project in their concentration area during the last 2 semesters.

The CLIMB program equips you to be a better behavior analyst and take your career to the next level.

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Expand Your Knowledge

Increase your knowledge of leadership, research, and clinical practice in relation to high-quality ABA service delivery

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Strengthen Leadership Skills

Gain new leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities useful for influencing change at all levels of an ABA service delivery organization.

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Learn to Conduct Research

Learn how to synthesize the literature and conduct rigorous treatment evaluations that improve outcomes and expand our scientific understanding of behavior.

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Acquire Clinical Expertise

Maximize your value to organizations and consumers by developing expertise in one or more clinical problems commonly encountered by practitioners.

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A significant part of our mission is to raise up and mentor the best clinicians in the industry. No matter where you are on your journey, whether just starting or decades in, a path of growth and continuous learning is ahead at Maraca. Give us the chance to change the trajectory of your career by working with an organization where you matter more than the bottom-line.

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