Training & Professional Development

TRAINING: Before our clinicians ever work directly with our learners, they’ve gone through the rigor of our Maraca Training. While others might stick to a 40-hour training protocol, we’re training our RBTs over the course of 9 weeks initially and that support and training continues on as they progress in their careers as techs (training never ends really!).

Our BCBAs go through similar protocols to ensure that they’re much more equipped beyond simply meeting the requirements of their educational programs as BCBAs. We believe that quality therapy is provided by quality clinicians in organizations that invest in the ongoing mentorship of their staff! That’s how we do what we do at Maraca.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Maraca believes that professional development should be transformational and highly individualized. You’ll hear us quote that “there’s no greater inequality than the equal treatment of unequals.” We think everyone is different and has different priorities and preferences when it comes to learning and growing in the science of behavior analysis. Because of that, we’re very supportive of our staff and how they complete their professional development.

Not only do we provide in-house CEUs through Maraca Academy, but we also support staff going to conferences and pursuing continuing education through other experts in our industry. Our promise to you is this – a supportive environment where you’re mentored, equipped, and encouraged to live your best life as a behavior analyst at Maraca Learning!

Our Pursuit of Excellence

In our pursuit of excellence, we’re also highly motivated to raise standards in the industry as a whole all while helping other organizations to elevate their work as we elevate ours. Our vision is to change lives - it’s that simple. We’ll not rest. Continuous improvement is never over. We want to be the top employer in every community that we’re serving. We then want to put these incredible clinicians in the lives of our learners and watch both staff and learners thrive.

Our Vision of a "Clinician-First" Organization

Our vision is that our learner's lives are changed because of our work and involvement. This includes engaging the world’s best clinical thinkers and empowering them to take their careers seriously while also still prioritizing their own lives. We're not here to get the most out of you. Actually, we want you to get the most out of us!


Our Commitment

Staff come to us because they are ready to shake things up and set their careers on a professional trajectory that enables constant growth and opportunities. Here’s our promise to you - we’re committed to you. We’re committed to your goals. We’re committed to working intelligently to leverage the science and steward it’s efficacy to your advantage. We will not rest because progress never ends. We hope that our vision leads to immeasurable change in the lives of those we serve and employ, and measurable change in the outcomes that we’re constantly pushing ahead towards achieving. Countless papers published, outcomes achieved, milestones met, economic opportunities presented to staff, and beyond!

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Our Careers

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) / Behavior Technician (BT)

Full time ‧ Boise

RBTs/BTs implement treatment plans with the support, encouragment, and mentoring of awe-inspiring BCBAs!

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Clinical BCBA Supervisor

Full Time ‧ Boise

We are hiring experienced and entry-level Clinical Supervisor BCBAs to join a world-class team of scientist-practitioners of ABA at our Boise, Idaho location.

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