Our High-quality ABA model

We believe that therapy should be reinforcing and engaging! While we work diligently to build up our learners by challenging them through our individualized curricula, we create opportunities and structure our sessions so that they’re enjoying the process and continuously building rapport with our talented clinicians. Our model of service delivery should not look any different than any other high-quality model, but we do believe that we execute on our model in a way that maximizes the likelihood of a successful ABA experience. Here are the key elements of Maraca’s ABA!

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Full Arsenal of Behavior Change Tactics & Strategies

We utilize the whole arsenal of behavior change tactics and strategies so you can be confident that everything we do is backed by the research and clinical evidence available to us as behavior analysts. We’re not a one-size, cookie-cutter model.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

We’re committed to targeting challenging behavior and teaching new skills using a range of curriculum and resources that are uniquely appropriate to your child’s needs.

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Reinforcing Engagement

Reinforcement is the cornerstone of our work. We strive to ensure that therapy is natural, engaging, and reinforcing so that your child is set up to thrive!

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Discrete Trial Teaching

We teach using Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) but in a way that promotes quality, engaging, and reinforcing interactions between your child and their therapist.

Our heart & mission

Making a difference drives our mission.

We believe that magic can happen when you commission an industry’s best thinkers and doers with an actionable mission, backed by a compelling vision, and powered by values that make the journey thrilling and beneficial to everyone involved. That’s how Maraca came to be. We’re a clinician-led company with a demonstrated history of excellence and a commitment to raising the standards in our industry.

We’re unsettled by nature and want nothing more than to serve you exceedingly well with outcomes that matter to you and your child. These learner outcomes are the cornerstone upon which everything is built at Maraca. Not shareholder value, profit and loss statements, or any other measure of success, but you and your child. That’s what matters to us. That’s what makes us Maracans tick!

How it works

The Maraca Learning experience.

While we’ve acquired business experience and have learned to run successful ventures as entrepreneurs, our identity as an organization is rooted in our love of clinical work. We’re CLINICIANS FIRST. That means that our desire is to act in accordance with that calling as clinicians to do our best work in serving your child.

While others might say they prioritize people, we actually back that up in how we run our organization. It’s easy to talk the talk, but we walk the walk daily. We’re not ruthless Vikings trying to make a buck, we’re compassionate clinicians with a mission, vision, and values that all work together to create an environment and culture that you’ll thrive in!

Our Mission & Vision

MISSION: Maraca exists to build and maintain an organizational culture that attracts and engages the most skillful talent in our industry. Our purpose is to empower and equip our team with world-class systems, resources, mentoring, and coaching to ultimately do their best work in providing life-changing ABA therapy to those that we’ve been entrusted to serve. We’re relentless in our pursuit of excellence in everything that we do and nothing matters more to us than our learners and their parents thriving because of our involvement and their commitment to high-quality ABA therapy through Maraca.

VISION: We envision a world where thousands of lives are changed because we did our part in actualizing the impact of our mission. We absolutely love to watch our learners thrive by gaining new skills, meeting new milestones, reducing challenging behavior, and achieving new heights overall. We’re wholeheartedly committed to and aligned with your goals in achieving those clinical outcomes. This shared, aligned vision between us and our clients is what can make the provision of high-quality ABA therapy such a beautiful and worthwhile endeavor. We’re on this journey together - let’s make the most of it!

Our Core Values and Distinctives - What Makes Maraca Tick?

We believe that the values of an organization are what makes them distinct and set apart. This is especially true when those values are consistent with how work gets done and performers within the organization do what they do. While our work highlights many values that we’re proud of, there are 5 distinct values that we hold ourselves accountable to at Maraca.

WINSOMENESS: We aim to be winsome in our efforts to serve our clients, staff, community partners, and payers exceedingly well. We’re here to exceed all expectations with enthusiasm and a winsome spirit that we hope is incredibly refreshing and encouraging!

STEWARDSHIP: We want to be good and wise stewards of every case entrusted to our clinical care, every career dedicated to us as a top employer, and every opportunity presented where we might be able to go above and beyond in how we’re leading the company! We love our work and deeply appreciate the opportunities that have been entrusted to us.

UNSHAKABLE OPTIMISM: Being unshakably optimistic is critical in our work. While we’re working through challenging and difficult situations, we’re committed to an unshakable optimism that we hope brings you a sense of confidence, both in us and in the science of behavior change, knowing what it can do in the lives of our learners! Our aim is that our optimism is encouraging to you!

RELENTLESS LOYALTY: We aim to do our work with a loyalty to you, our purpose in the world, and our outcomes as an organization. Nothing matters more to us than the people in and around this organization.

TOGETHERNESS: Nobody climbs a mountain to get to the middle. That’s why we’re here alongside you as we scale the mountains before us, with the intention of reaching new heights together. Here’s the thing though. We’re aiming to bring everyone with us as we scale the mountain of quality in behavior analysis services to children with autism, and we’re hopeful that our value of togetherness and community is as exciting to you as it is to us!

Quality only happens on purpose

We train hard and rely on real data.

Before our clinicians ever work directly with our learners, they’ve gone through the rigor of our Maraca Training. While others might stick to a 40 hour training protocol, we’re training our RBTs over the course of 9 weeks initially and that support and training continues on as they progress in their careers as techs (training never ends really!).

Our BCBAs go through similar protocols to ensure that they’re much more equipped beyond simply meeting the requirements of their educational programs. We believe that quality therapy is provided by quality clinicians in organizations that invest in the ongoing mentorship of their staff! That’s how we do what we do at Maraca.

Lastly, we’re incredibly data driven. From how we do our clinical programming to how we manage our staff, we rely on data to help inform everything we do. We’re accountable to the high standards that we’ve put into place and we measure everything meticulously to ensure efficiency and best use of treatment time!

Dr. Robbie El Fattal, Ph.D., BCBA-D & Kathryn Fattal, M.S., BCBA

Our commitment to excellence.

"Katie and I are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. This is no mere professional venture to us, it's our calling - it's personal. Working with children diagnosed with autism is all we've ever done and we absolutely love it. Nothing matters more to us than our learners and their parents thriving because of our involvement and their commitment to high-quality ABA therapy at Maraca. You deserve treatment through an organization where the chief end is to serve you, rather than serving their own interests and shareholders. We cannot wait to exceed your expectations." - Dr. Robbie El Fattal


Besides his high school job as a peanut guy selling peanuts at baseball games, Dr. Fattal has only ever worked in ABA. He loves it. There’s nothing more he’d rather do than work with children with autism and their staff to help produce the life-changing outcomes that kids deserve. He started his career in the early 2000s working in schools and clinic settings under the supervision and training of many of the pioneers in ABA and autism therapy. Dr. Fattal completed his undergraduate degree in Child and Adolescent Development at California State University of Fullerton, and also continued there to complete his masters program and teaching credential. Dr. Fattal was also an administrator in one of the largest school districts in Southern California and supervised their growing autism program.

In addition to his expertise in ABA, Dr. Fattal developed a specialization in organizational behavior management (OBM) primarily through his entrepreneurial ventures and his doctoral training. Dr. Fattal studied under Dr. Amanda Mahoney at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and conducted his dissertation research in behavioral systems analysis and performance management in a healthcare setting that served children with autism. Dr. Fattal has also served as a board advisor / subject matter expert in ABA and organizational health. Dr. Fattal had the pleasure of building (alongside many amazing teammates) an Austin American Statesman Top Workplace in 2019, and that same organization was honored with a 3 Year Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) Accreditation scoring in the top 5% of organizations.

Dr. Fattal attributes his success to his incredibly gifted wife Katie (also a behavior analyst, currently wrangling their 5 children at home), the many colleagues that shaped him over the course of the last 2 decades, his doctoral training, and ultimately the many children that taught him more than he ever taught them. He considers himself the luckiest BCBA around and could not be more grateful to have had these experiences that ultimately shaped him into the leader he is today. Dr. Fattal loves building cultures where everyone wins and thrives!

Dr. Fattal enjoys spending time outdoors with Katie and the kids, and going to restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries. You’ll very likely catch him riding his bike, walking, or otherwise being out and about in the city. He strives to be a good human by loving his neighbor like himself and by loving the city he calls home. Lastly, Dr. Fattal is a true scholar who loves reading, writing, and using all that he’s learning to the maximum benefit of those around him!

The El Fattal Family

We absolutely love to watch our learners thrive by gaining new skills, meeting new milestones, reducing challenging behavior, and achieving new heights overall.

Join Our Team - Your Maraca Journey Awaits!

Building and equipping industry leading, scientist-practitioners.

A significant part of our mission is to raise up and mentor the best clinicians in the industry. No matter where you are on your journey, whether just starting or decades in, a path of growth and continuous learning is ahead at Maraca. Give us the chance to change the trajectory of your career by working with an organization where you matter more than the bottom-line.

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