Going Deeper

To understand Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, it’s important to learn more about a large field of scientific study called behavior analysis. Within it, researchers use distinct principles to understand the relationship between a child’s behavior and their environment, and how one can influence the other. Behavior analysis is a recognized profession that requires specialized training and regulatory practices, overseen by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board® (BACB®).

At Maraca Learning, we practice Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, which uses systematic, evidence-based methods to improve socially significant behaviors in children with autism. Hundreds of studies have shown that ABA is the most effective form of autism therapy, and it is endorsed by numerous groups including the CDC.

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Reduced Challenging Behavior

Whether aggression, tantrums, or anything else that impedes healthy living.

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Better Communication

Improve both communication and language skills.

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Improved Play

Learn to interact and play with other peers so that life is lived more socially.

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Learning to Learn

Develop other skills that enable learning in all settings naturally.

A Brighter Future

Your joy is our goal and greatest delight

Robust ABA therapy gives your child the tools that they need to be more successful in the journey of life. The skills that they'll learn at Maraca will set them up to be as independent and equipped as they can be. Your child's potential is important to you - we're right there alongside you in understanding that.

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ABA therapy is endorsed by

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How it Works

The Maraca Learning experience

We envision a world where thousands of lives are changed because we did our part in actualizing the impact of our mission. We absolutely love to watch our learners thrive by gaining new skills, meeting new milestones, reducing challenging behavior, and achieving new heights overall.

We're wholeheartedly committed to and aligned with your goals in achieving those clinical outcomes. This shared, aligned vision between us and our clients is what can make the provision of high-quality ABA therapy such a beautiful and worthwhile endeavor. We’re on this journey together - let’s make the most of it!

We absolutely love to watch our learners thrive by gaining new skills, meeting new milestones, reducing challenging behavior, and achieving new heights overall.

Join Our Team

Building and equipping industry leading, scientist-practitioners.

A significant part of our mission is to raise up and mentor the best clinicians in the industry. No matter where you are on your journey, whether just starting or decades in, a path of growth and continuous learning is ahead at Maraca. Give us the chance to change the trajectory of your career by working with an organization where you matter more than the bottom-line.

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Our Founders

Our commitment to excellence.

Dr. Robbie El Fattal, PH.D., BCBA-D. &
Kathryn Fattal, M.S., BCBA

"Katie and I are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. This is no mere professional venture to us, it's our calling - it's personal. Working with children diagnosed with autism is all we've ever done and we absolutely love it. Nothing matters more to us than our learners and their parents thriving because of our involvement and their commitment to high-quality ABA therapy at Maraca. You deserve treatment through an organization where the chief end is to serve you, rather than serving their own interests and shareholders. We cannot wait to exceed your expectations."

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