The Importance Of Financial Health In ABA

In this presentation, Dr. El Fattal gives a run-through of his FABA presentation with Drs. Jon Bailey and Bryant Silbaugh!

There's a dynamic interplay between clinical quality and organizational health. In our experience, these ideas are absolutely inseparable - unhealthy organizations simply cannot produce enduring clinical results. Sustainable operating models are more important than ever. We've been engaged in the quality conversation since we started our careers in ABA. In the last 5 years especially, we've doubled down on our investment in quality, represented in part by our 2021 publication in Behavior Analysis In Practice.

In an effort to add color to the paper itself, Rob presented alongside Bryant Silbaugh and Jon Bailey at this year's FABA Conference. To prepare, Rob did a recorded run through of his presentation. We hope that you enjoy the presentation and this "new" way of thinking about the interconnectedness of clinical quality and organizational health. As Rob stated, it's not a binary choice! Learn more below.

For a summary of our paper, especially the "call to action" we concluded with, Erin Mayberry at Rethink Behavioral Health, did a stellar job in her resourceful post on EBP at the organizational level.