Maraca Learning Center Tours And What You Can Expect

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re opening Maraca’s new learning center on the corner of 14th and Idaho in beautiful downtown Boise, Idaho. Maraca is Boise’s newest high-quality, value-based ABA therapy provider serving children with autism! Maraca’s staff are highly trained and compassionate scientist-practitioners. Our chief aim is to serve our learners exceedingly well using the leading scientifically supported approach to the education and treatment of children with autism, applied behavior analysis (ABA).

Mark Your Calendar for February 2022! 

Our new center is opening in the space that was previously home to the beloved Boise Rock School! We’re really excited about the space and we immediately knew that it had amazing potential and would make a great HQ and learning center. Rob toured multiple spaces and he just knew that this was Maraca’s new home as soon as he walked into the rock school back in September of 2021.  

The Learning Center is undergoing renovation now and is expected to open its doors to Boise mid-February of 2022.  

Come See Us! 

As parents, we know that what you need most is a safe, inviting, and inclusive community where your child is loved and learns a lot!  

That’s why in addition to initiatives to hire the best clinicians in the country, we’ve worked hard to renovate the interior of our new building so that each room reflects beauty. We want our spaces to be as inspiring as they can be. 

When you arrive at the center, you’ll get to spend time with our amazing staff as they personally welcome you, show you the center, and guide you as you start or continue your journey in receiving ABA therapy. We want to be resourceful and encouraging as you consider taking the necessary steps to helping your child to be as successful as possible!  

When you walk into our center, you’ll see lots of natural light and brightly colored spaces loaded with beautiful new toys and materials. Our ABA is designed to create that enriched environment children with autism thrive on!  

Get Your Questions Answered 

But visiting the learning center is just the beginning. Parents new to autism or ABA services often have a lot of questions such as what ABA is, what Maraca does, operating hours, the location of services, insurance coverage of services, and what you child’s day-to-day life would be at the Learning Center or in our home-based ABA program. So, after checking out all the beautiful spaces that will shape your child’s development, we hope you’ll spend time sitting down and chatting with our leadership team to ask any questions you have. 

At the end of your tour, you’ll walk away with a goodie bag packed with exciting stuff your child will love, and the reassurance that Maraca is the right ABA provider to serve you and your child!  


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