Building Fences (And Organizations) That Endure

In this post, Rob shares his reflections after reading the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson.

Over time, I've grown to increasingly appreciate biographies. Whether it's William Wilberforce, Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, or anyone else with a well-written biography, I'm often deeply encouraged by the human experience of other prolific contributors to the world that we inhabit. Most recently, I read the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson. As I started reading the lengthy volume, I was struck by a set of paragraphs early on, that set one particular theme in motion that carried throughout the book. The theme - Steve's intense FOCUS on quality. In these videos below, I share the quote and then unpack how these ideas relate to what we do in behavior analysis.

In subsequent posts, Rob will explore these ideas in greater detail! Financial health and clinical quality are dynamically interconnected, and we're excited to highlight our approach to ensuring high quality by building systems that last!